Improve Your Bowling! - Audio



Bowling should be a period of relaxed fun. If you are tight mentally or physically, it can take the enjoyment out of the game and lower your score. Bowling is also a big time mental game. If you become angry or feel upset about a bad shot, once again, your score will drop.

This program will help you bowl with a relaxed mind and body. It will increase your focus and concentration to the point where you will be able to imagine exactly where the ball will go, and then put it there!


Gerald F. Kein (1939-2017)

Gerald is the founder of the Omni Hypnosis Training Center®. Having trained thousands of hypnotists and hypnotherapists in over eighty countries, he is widely recognized as one of this country’s leading instructors of clinical hypnotism.

Gerald f. Kein OMNI Hypnosis International Founder