Group rules for the OMNI Expert Forum

In order for all participants to feel comfortable, we ask that you observe the following guidelines for interacting with each other. It is important to us that an open, serious exchange takes place in a friendly atmosphere in which mutual learning is fun.

The basis for this professional forum is the successful completion of the complete OMNI curriculum.

Be friendly and polite

We are all responsible for treating each other with kindness. We treat each other with respect. Discussions are something completely normal, but there should be no lack of courtesy in the process. Only in tolerance and openness can good discussions develop. The risk of misunderstandings is particularly high online due to a lack of facial expressions and tone of voice. In case of doubt, a friendly inquiry helps.

Specialist forum on hypnosis & hypnotherapy

The OMNI Fachforum is a forum around (OMNI) hypnotherapy, hypnosis in general and its scientific research, practice management, marketing, networking, education, congresses and continuing education. Animal-children-rainbow-photos etc. don’t fit in there, just as little as politics or religion (unless it has to do directly with hypnosis).

Content and access is exclusive to certified OMNI hypnotherapists

This is an exclusive, internal OMNI hypnotherapy group. What is discussed, shared and written here remains within the group and is not intended for public or unauthorized third parties. Copying and/or forwarding content, discussions or files is not permitted and may result in sanctions, including expulsion. Access remains exclusive and may not be shared.

Mutual learning

Together we share an incredible amount of knowledge and immense experience. Not everyone is at the same point in this process. Patience, understanding and an open exchange are beneficial, especially with newcomers.

Use the search function before asking questions

With the search function you can already find out a lot with keywords. When you ask questions, be as specific as possible so that we all understand what exactly you want to know. You will simplify the answering of your question(s) and avoid misunderstandings.

Help for self-help, advice & action, food for thought OK

It is perfectly OK to ask others for advice & food for thought outside of hypnotherapy. We come from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds, so we bring a correspondingly wide range of knowledge, skills and experience. Anything that helps is welcome.

Other countries, other customs and laws

Please keep in mind that this is an international forum and laws and customs may be different. What is correct in Germany may not be correct in Switzerland or Austria. For example, the Swiss are allowed to use the title “Hypnotherapist” without restriction and are also allowed to work with any physical or psychological issues without having an alternative practitioner training or having studied psychology.

No promotions, spam, self-promotion or external links

Feel free to express yourself, ask questions and be active in the group. However, self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not welcome and will be deleted without comment. Your access data must therefore be protected from access by third parties. The unrestricted house right of the operator is valid.

“I’ll send you a PN” or similar posts

The question that arises with such posts is always “what is being said or shared that is not for everyone?” – then rather no such post, because it can lead to misunderstandings.

What leads to exclusion from the group

Nobody will be excluded because of a different or critical opinion. However, exclusion will be caused by abusive or insulting comments from other forum members, instructors or moderators, solicitation to other platforms, misuse of copyrights and giving unauthorized people access to the forum.

The forum managers are here for you

If you are unsure about a post or if you feel you are not being treated correctly, you can always contact the Forum Managers at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.


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