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After your registration for the OMNI Hypnosis Academy, the first six lessons of the training module OMNI Hypnotist are immediately available for you.

Your free trial

After your registration for the OMNI Hypnosis Academy, the first six lessons of the training module OMNI Hypnotist are immediately available for you.

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Don’t want to buy a pig in a poke? Then take a look at the first six lessons of the OMNI Hypnosis Basic Training – at no cost and without obligation to buy.

Change your life, and those of your fellow human beings!

You can reliably bring people into various and deep states of hypnosis, with reproducible and ISO-certified processes.

You understand how the human mind and brain work and how change can be brought about very quickly.

You understand the metaphysical states of hypnosis.

You learn the art of self-hypnosis.

You learn to bring people in seconds and with a snap of your fingers into deep hypnosis.

You can pain management.

You will receive a complete guide and ISO certified processes for your successful hypnotherapy practice.

You will learn regression, modern revealing hypnosis: our domain, the change turbo and the king discipline of hypnosis.

Register now and receive the first six lessons of the OMNI Hypnosis Basic Training 1:1 free of charge. 

What our participants say

Dani KünzleOMNI Hypnotherapist
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I did the OMNI training because I had no idea about hypnosis. And I am absolutely thrilled. There are no digressions, no boredom. The training is super and I can only recommend it wholeheartedly.
Cornelia Meier-BrunnerOMNI Hypnotherapist
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For me the online training was the right thing, I could choose my pace and the live training was also great. I am 42 years old and a medical masseuse, which means I have a lot of training to show, but I learned the most and most efficiently in this training.
DominikOMNI Hypnotherapist
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The films and also the recorded live therapy sessions are super and easy to understand. The great advantage of the film collection is, of course, that you can always jump back if you have not understood something.
Sylvia HuberOMNI Hypnotherapist
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The combination with the 4 live days was also a highlight and really rounded out the online training for me. It was very, very important to be able to sufficiently practice what I learned online on the live days.
Stefan DubachOMNI Hypnotherapist
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As a rather analog person, I was a bit disappointed at the beginning when I learned that the training takes place online. In retrospect, however, I can say that the online training was also brilliant. I never got bored.
Doris FeltreOMNI Hypnotherapist
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Already on the first day of the training I realized, whoops, this is a big number! Looking back, what I learned in this training is incredible! Because it is for me THE TOOL, with which I can transport all my knowledge. In my coaching training I have learned that every person carries his solution within himself. With hypnotherapy, I am able to accompany my clients directly to this solution.
Dr. med. dent. Patrick MeyenbergerOMNI Hypnotherapist
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And it works - already from the first day after the course! Meanwhile I use hypnosis several times a day and could not imagine working without it. Thank you very much.
Dr. med. Andrea KahlOMNI Hypnotherapist
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What can I say? SIMPLE GENIAL!!!!! Sometimes it is like magic. Of course not in 100% of the cases, but that doesn't exist anywhere. Thanks again for the excellent training!!!

And this is how you benefit​

OMNI hypnosis training is intensive, focused and professional. And that since 1979.

The OMNI hypnosis techniques are easy to learn and immediately applicable. This is the recipe for success of our hypnosis training.

On our OMNI Hypnosis Online Academy you can easily book all products from the OMNI universe. You can choose between present or online lessons.

The OMNI Hypnosis App allows you to access all of our content and training, from anywhere, at any time.

Once you have successfully completed all three modules of the hypnosis training, you will automatically become a member of the OMNI Family We are proud that the OMNI Family already has well over 16,000 members worldwide. Many of them meet regularly in forums or at live events to benefit and learn from and with each other.

In cooperation with the University of Zurich, OMNI Hypnosis International is leading a multimodal research project under the motto “Understanding Hypnosis, Promoting Hypnosis”. The core objective is to establish and promote acceptance of hypnosis or hypnotherapy based on a comprehensive characterization of its neurophysiological mechanisms of action. Last but not least, you will benefit from this.

With us you have the opportunity to watch the first six lessons of the OMNI Hypnosis Training for free. Only afterwards you decide whether you want to register for the training.

Do you want to let the pig out of the poke? Then test us now.

ISO 9001

We are an ISO 9001 certified company focused on education and training in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

With us, you will work in an environment where quality, service and process reliability have top priority. Our therapy processes guarantee the highest possible benefit for our customers and their clients, because only if a process is reproducible, the results are the same. Every person is an individual and it is precisely this fact that our processes take into account.


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